I come from a family of olimpic athletes. I had been competing since my early years and at age fourteen I became champion in  track and field,in the discipline of 800m and Run Off Road. I was the Sao Paulo champ until the age of seventeen.
Meanwhile I got involved with windsurfing on the weekends and became Brazilian vice champion for 2 years.
I dedicated myself to cycling and became the Brazilian Champion of road and track, particpiated in the Panamerican Games in Cuba and traveled around Europe competing.
After cycling I made the transition to triathlons. I became amateur brazilian championship in the first year,and jumped to  proffessional staying at the top 5 in Brazil. I competed the ITU tour(like WCT on surf ) and also competed in Maui in the Triathlon off Road X- Terra.

I found surfing later in my life. Curiosly I discovered that surfing was my real passion, specially when the waves get really big.

In 2003 I did my first surf trip, to the big wave Mecca, Hawaii. Three weeks after ariving there I surfed Waimea at 20 feet and got a shot in the cover of the Honolulu Advertiser.

. I spent every surfing season in Hawaii since then, growing as a surfer in waves like Sunset, Pipeline and Waimea Bay.

This last april I spent three months in Teahupoo,were I learned the technique to get barreled in heavy waves. A few months later I chased a big swell to Pico Alto, Peru, were I towed into some waves.
I am focused a100% in training,traveling and go after my dreams and goals which are to became a top big wave surfer and compete in the XXL Billabong Awards.

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